Welcome to the Cardinal Pride Campaign

A Campaign to Fund Co-Curricular Activities

10% of All Funds Raised will be Donated to Hurricane Relief via The Austin Disaster Relief Network

The Cardinal Pride Difference:

  • Are you tired of buying school fundraising products several times per year?

  • Do you know that on average 50% of the dollars you spend on fundraising items are used to pay for the products and the school keeps only half of the money raised?

  • Would you like 100% of your gift to directly impact the students at CHS?

We have good news!

The students at Concordia High School ask for your help with no strings attached

No product sales or purchases needed - just heartfelt giving straight to the school!

  • This campaign is designed to completely replace the need to sell and buy fundraising products this year!

  • 100% of your donation supports the schools activities!

  • Every student and their family at Concordia High School benefits from your support!

  • 100% if your donation is tax deductible!

Why are funds needed?

  • The dollars raised provide a large portion of the funds needed for 14 co-curricular activities at CHS

  • Your gift provides for the purchase of items not available in the yearly budget

  • The goal is to maximize the quality of the programs for students with minimum fees billed to their parents