Honors Level and/or Advanced Placement (AP®) Courses

 CHS offers honors level courses in the following:

·         Anatomy & Physiology

CHS also offers College Board approved Advanced Placement (AP®) courses in:

·         Calculus

·         Macro-Economics

·         Physics

·         Statistics

Since both honors and AP® courses are advanced classes, it is best that students who take these classes meet certain expectations in order to have success in these courses. 

The following expectations encompass several areas of assessment including:

Attendance: The student seldom misses class and is on time.  When absent, the student initiates teacher

contact and makes up work immediately.

 Behavior: The student is committed to personal integrity, respects others, and uses class time efficiently.

 Attitude: The student maintains a strong work ethic, comes to class prepared to work, initiates further study, assumes responsibility for his/her own learning, appreciates challenging assignments, expects at least one hour of nightly homework from the honors or AP® class, and completes outside reading requirements.

 Performance: The student demonstrates pride in work submitted, participates actively in discussions, puts forth “best effort” instead of a “getting by” effort, demonstrates ability in abstract reasoning and faithfully strives to meet high academic standards. 

Honors/AP® courses at CHS are specifically structured to provide an enrichment level of a required course.  These courses are only for those students who desire a more in-depth study of a particular subject, and are willing and able to devote a substantially higher amount of time and energy to the course. Students can expect more reading, more writing, much greater time commitment outside of class, and an increased expectation of intelligent and insightful contributions in the class itself. Enrollment in honors/AP® sections requires at least a B+ average in the last class taken in the subject area, and the approval of the instructor based on selection criteria. Students who sign up for honors or advanced placement classes need to approach the class with the idea of finishing the class, rather than dropping if the class becomes difficult.

Application & Selection Requirements for Honors and AP students:

We urge you to take your request for Honors and AP® classes seriously.  Students who request Honors or AP® classes must meet the following requirements: 

· The student’s semester and cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) will be reviewed and must be

maintained with a 3.5 or above.

· The student will be reviewed and recommended by the individual teacher based on the above-mentioned profile criteria.

· The student should successfully complete all required assessments.

· The student will be required to complete summer reading and writing assignments.

Taking an Honors or AP® level class is highly regarded by many college and university admissions offices.   If you feel up to the challenge, you are encouraged to request these classes and fulfill the basic requirements.