Parent School Climate Survey

Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements concerning our Lutheran school.

You are invited to comment or give an example to illustrate your response.

Question 1 *
Question 1
When I attend school functions, a Christian atmosphere is evident and I feel welcome and comfortable.
Question 2 *
Question 2
The students demonstrate a Christian attitude toward me and others.
Question 3 *
Question 3
The school staff demonstrates a Christian attitude toward me and others.
Question 4 *
Question 4
Our Lutheran school provides a positive learning environment for my child.
Question 5 *
Question 5
My child(ren) is(are) learning about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian on a daily basis.
Question 6 *
Question 6
My legal rights as a parent and the rights of my child are protected by the staff of Concordia High School (e.g. confidentiality of school records and family information is maintained.)
Question 7 *
Question 7
My opinions are solicited and considered when decisions about our Lutheran school are made.
Question 8 *
Question 8
The quality of education at our Lutheran school is at least as good as other area schools.
Question 9 *
Question 9
Concordia offers parents opportunities to be involved with the school.