Concordia High School is committed to developing upright hearts and skillful hands.


Founded in 2002 , Concordia High School is a Christian, accredited, college preparatory school. We exist to provide a college preparatory environment where students can develop their talents and skills through an excellent academic program and meaningful extra-curricular activities.


Students and parents love it here.

“Parents do not have to pick between a Christian school OR an academically challenging school for their students. God provides both at Concordia High School! Everyday, students live out their Christian faith and are nurtured to grow in their faith. The teachers and staff at CHS bend over backwards to help their students grow in their academics and offer all sorts of extra opportunities to expand their minds and hearts. Christian Ffith AND academics; it’s a win-win at CHS! There is no other school I want my children to attend than Concordia High School.”

— Beth Crowe, Parent of the class of 2019
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“It has been a gift to be able to watch how the faculty and staff at Concordia High School help your students develop into responsible young adults.”
— Amy Braveman, Current Tutor to CHS Students
“My child was loved and Concordia’s teachers showed her what it meant to find true joy by living her life in Christ. Thank God for this place and for these teachers!”
— Rev. Walt Pohland, Parent of class of 2010
“What we believe sets Concordia apart, is they’ve really mastered the environment of encouragement. The students are encouraged to be involved, whether it’s drama, science olympiad, or sports, the staff and students welcome first time participants and bring out the best in them.”
— Mindy Frye, Parent of the class of 2018 & 2020
“I came to Concordia High School not knowing really anyone. The family atmosphere made me feel comfortable coming into my freshman year. The students and teachers all made me feel welcome and the love of Jesus that was shown to me made me feel like I belonged. Because of our school’s small size, I have been able to pursue my passions, as well as develop new ones. Concordia has changed me as a person and has helped me grow in my faith in Christ.”
— Tristan Winkelman, 2017 Graduate